Rifle Precision Remington 700P in 308 Winchester

On the quest for accuracy and rifle precision, I have taken an effort to statistically profile one of my firearms. Fully understanding the envelope and limitations of this rifle allows me to have confidence in placing shots on target or game. Insights gained from this analysis can be used to uncover deficiencies in the firearm,

Texas Deer Hunt

A Texas deer hunt over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season is a tradition all over the Lone Star State. Thousands of hunters take to the hills, brush country and forests to try their luck. It’s a time to teach the kids and fill the freezer with high quality free range protein.Venison is packed with

King Ranch Trip

Made a fast weekend King Ranch Trip. Coastal South Texas has an amazing amount of wildlife in the ranch country.  A great time was had by all. Below is a view flying back into Houston on a pleasant December day. Rancho de Santa Gertrudis ( later to be The King Ranch) was founded in 1853. It all began