Street Photos. A few from Friday

A swing around downtown Houston presented these sights……..Street Photos on an early fall day. The city always provides surprising and unusual sites. The giant cello is very near the theater district. Protesters can be found nearly anywhere. I’m not a Street Photo guru, enthusiast, or diehard. I do however, occasionally go for human interest. Street

Street Suite…Street Photography in Black and White.

Street Suite…Street Photography collection in black and white. – A small collection of some black and white street photography shots. Street photographs are images of society, where the candid capture of scenes provides an alternative window on a dynamic world. Street photography is the art of capturing life, culture, and humanity, candidly. The best thing about street

The Score

A black and white conversion taken of the orchestra pit. The musical score was of the Musical “Bye, bye Birdie”. The low light and lack of color made this a perfect candidate for a black and white conversion. The theater group did an excellent job and the show was enjoyed by all.