Growing Papayas in Texas

Growing Papayas in Texas

Growing papayas in Texas can be a challenge! However the experiment has been interesting and entertaining. My experience had a casual beginning but became a fun and educational project. Living near the Gulf coast reduces winter impact, however winter temperatures will be the major obstacle to my success. Papayas love warm temperatures, abundant sunshine and …

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Making Kombucha at Home

Making kombucha at home is not difficult. If you enjoy this mildly effervescent drink, making it at home may be for you. Kombucha probably originated in China and is still a popular drink there today. Kombucha may provide health benefits from the live cultures present in the end product. Make Kombucha by fermenting sweetened tea …

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Caverns of Sonora Texas Treasure

Caverns of Sonora

The Caverns of Sonora are a Texas treasure. Furthermore the Cavern is on the register of National Natural Landmarks. The caverns are located about 8 miles southwest of Sonora, Texas in Sutton County on the western edge of the Texas Hill Country. The tour is about 2 miles long and descends about 150 feet below …

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Texas Wildflowers are a Spring Delight

Texas Wildflowers

Texas wildflowers are blooming this spring. After several wet seasons and a wet winter, West Central Texas is experiencing a bountiful spring eruption of color. A short trip to the western edge of the Edwards Plateau revealed some of nature’s beauty. Bluebonnets are a common Texas wildflower. Additionally they are the state flower of Texas. …

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Texas Winter Hummingbirds

Texas Winter Hummingbirds

Texas winter Hummingbirds are here. Although most hummers leave the Lone Star State in the winter, some remain. Additionally others wander along the Gulf Coast throughout the winter. During the migration I have many Ruby throated hummingbirds passing through. During the summer the birds frequent my feeders.  I live in Southeast Coastal Texas, close to Houston …

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