Road Trip – San Antonio Mission Trail

San Antonio Mission Trail – I was in need of a road trip and had organized a trip to Seminole Canyon in Val Verde Co. TX to view Pecos River rock art. On the way, I stopped to visit the Spanish Missions established in San Antonio in the late 1600’s. I recommend this for any Texas history buff. Hope you enjoy the photos, and feel free to leave any comments…

San Antonio Mission Trail
Mission San Jose

Beginning in 1690, six Spanish missions were established in what is now East Texas.. In need of a waystation between these and their source of supply to the west, a failed mission known as San Francisco Solano, was relocated from Coahuila to the San Antonio River and renamed San Antonio de Valero…. Now known as the Alamo. Additional missions were founded south of the Alamo and these are part of the San Antonio Mission Trail that I visited.


More info can be found at the National Park Service web page..San Antonio Missions

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