Shuttlebration – A Space Shuttle comes Home

Shuttlebration was the celebration to welcome a new visitor. “Explorer” was at Kennedy Space Center  for 18 years before sailing into Clear Lake, to a dock opposite Johnson Space Center today. It will be offloaded for display at Space Center on June 3rd. Designed for outdoor display, the mock-up is fully-detailed inside and out.

The mock up left the Kennedy Space Center spaceport on May 24 atop an open-air, flat-bed barge and made its way around the Florida peninsula and through the Gulf of Mexico. It entered Galveston Bay on Thursday (May 31) to set the stage for the Shuttlebration.

Houston, and the Clear Lake area are home to NASA Johnson Space Center. This history  of Clear Lake was built around the early manned space program. The display of Explorer is a reminder to all of the significance and role the community played during the United States’ race to the moon.

Space shuttle Endeavour made a short visit to Houston. I captured a few photos in the early morning hours of Sept 20, 2013, before it was whisked away to its permanent home in California.

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